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Postural Training

A very common problem of back pain, usually occurs due to incorrect posture. It can be avoided by indulging correct postural habits. The posture can be of sitting, standing, sleeping, driving etc.

Correct Body Postures

Sitting Posture

1. sit with back straight and aligned with the back support of the chair
2. if you work on a computer, the monitor should be on eye level
3. Feet should be kept flat on the ground, if possible use a foot rest

Standing Posture

1. Stand with your head & neck straight
2. Shoulders pulled back slightly
4. Stomach & abdomen held straight and tight
5. keep hands in a normal position which is not uncomfortable for you
6. keep your weight on the front of your feet instead of your heels

While Lifting

1. Never bend over to lift an object
2. Always sit while bending your knees
3. keep weight of the object balanced over your thighs and feet
4. keep your weight distributed evenly on both feet


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