bullet Management of Medical Room
bullet Availability of Doctors & Nurses for Medical Room
bullet Regular Heath Check Ups
bullet Health Workshops and Trainings

Suggested Formats for Download
bulletMedical Card
bulletEquipment/Non-Consumables required for Medical Room
bullet Consumables required for Medical Rooms
bullet Job Profile of Doctor
bulletJob Profile of Nurse
bullet Daily First Aid Register
bullet Medical Check Up Register
bulletReferral Slip

Suggested job profile of Doctor:
Timing: As per school/office requirement

  • To conduct medical check up at least twice a year with necessary follow up.
  • To carry out awareness programme in assembly and/or classroom on issues related to health like obesity malnutrition, diet, dengue malaria, swine flu, polio adolescent related problems, health & hygiene, water born disease etc.
  • Conduct basic life support (BLS) training for teachers & students.
  • To tie up with nearest hospital preferably Govt. hospital that can provide swift and quality treatment, whenever needed.
  • To be available on telephone during entire school timings.


Suggested job profile of nurse:
Timing: As per school/office requirement

  • To deal with emergencies and provide first aid.
  • To keep proper record of medical aid and emergencies.
  • To keep medical record of students having disease like diabetes, asthma, epilepsy and cardiac disease and any other existing disease.
  • To keep instruments/equipment in working condition.
  • To ensure every child is vaccinated for preventable diseases.
  • To carry out awareness programme in classes for students regarding health and hygiene.


Suggested Requirement for School/Office Medical Room (Consumable)

  • Examination gloves : 1 Box
  • Absorbent cotton : 1 Roll
  • Rolled cotton bandages
    • 2 inches : 2 Dozen
    • 4 inches : 2 Dozen
    • 6 inches : 2 Dozen
    • Bandaids : 1 Box
    • Zigzag cotton : 1 Roll
  • Triangular bandages : 6
  • Cold compresses : 2
  • Scissors : 3 (Different sizes)
  • Antiseptic lotion (Betadine)
  • Paracetamol tablets : 50
  • Paracetamol syrup : 1 Bottel
  • Digene tablets : 50
  • Digene syrup : 1 Bottel
  • Any other item suggested by Doctor in charge.


Suggested Requirement for School/Office Medical Room (Non Consumable)

Table 1
Chair 3
Cupboard 1
Display Board 1
Water jug 1
Wash Basin 1
Dust Bin 2
Bed with provision for alteration of height of head and foot end (semi fowler bed) 2
Trolley/stretcher for transportation 1
Wheel Chair folding 1
Examination table with Mattress 1
Foot step 1
Bed curtain for privacy of Boys & Girls 1
Patients examination stool 1
Weighing Scale 2
Eye drum for vision testing with mirror 1
Stadiometer (for measurement of height) 1
Measuring tape 1
Blood pressure instrument (non glass non Mercury) 1
Thermometer (non glass mercury) 1
Torch 1
ENT set 1
Colour Vision Chart 1
Glucometer 1
Oxygen cylinders 1
Oxygen Mask and tubing 5
Nebuliser with nebulising kit 1
Spacer with mask (for use with inhalers) 1
Haemoglobinometer 1
Pulse oxymeter 1
Ambu Bag with appropriate sizes of face masks 1
Stethoscope 1
Tongue depressors (disposable-wooden/plastic) 1 Box
Magnifying Glass 2
Any other item suggested by Doctor in charge  



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