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Press Release


A survey conducted by us reveals that most of the handicapped in India are below poverty line. Indeed disability & poverty often complement and compound each other. The problem is further complicated by lack of education.

Kalyanam Handicapped Welfare Society is a non Governmental organization providing care and assistance to the physically handicapped persons. The society has centralized its services at Basement UU-7, Pitampura, Delhi-88. A full fledged Medical/Rehabilitation programme is being run at the center catering to orthopaedically handicapped persons.

Services Provided

  • Medical rehabilitation services by eminent professional in the field of orthopedics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, speech therapy and others.

  • Providing calipers, modified footwear and other rehabilitation aids/appliances to polio affected and other disabled persons.

  • Comprehensive school health programme - it includes school survey for early detection of deformities, conducting health quiz/competition, to the spot painting competition, encouraging " Parents - Teachers Association " to solve health problem of children and identification and cure of disabled children.

  • Clinic of alternative system of medicine such as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Magnet therapy etc.

  • Rehabilitation camps at Delhi Slums, resettlement colonies and remote villages.

  • Referral to other voluntary organization, educational and other institutions for specialized services.

  • Home based rehabilitation services.

  • Free check up clinics on special occasions. 

  • Disability awareness programme in community.

Future Plans

  • Rural Rehabilitation Programme.

  • Mobile Rehabilitation Services.

  • Day care center for physically handicapped children .

  • Home intervention programme - Training and care given un the management of the disabled persons at home.

  • Rehabilitation camps in other states.

  • Support to various National Programmes on health with N. G. O.'s and state Govt.

  • Industrial training in trades like embroidery, tailoring, candle, chalk, toys and dolls, envelopment making, book binding, wood carving & pottery etc.

  • Health manpower development, like training in physiotherapy department for Physiooccupational therapy as assistant/helpers, training in workshops for calipers/splints making & fitment.

  • Job placement & career guidance for the disabled persons & rehabilitation personnel.

  • Various sports competition and other activities for disabled.

Objectives of Kalyanam

The main objective of Kalyanam is physical, economic, and social rehabilitation of the physically handicapped, enabling them to regain there abilities to become normal and a useful member of the society, by providing the following services:

  • Screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment by multidisciplinary medical teams, in rehabilitation clinic.

  • Mobility aids, artificial limbs, modified footwear and other rehabilitation aids/appliances to orthopaedically handicapped persons.

  • To conduct surveys in school, to detect disabilities and to guide parents and teachers about its management.

  • Vocational training programme to earn their livelihood.

  • Disability awareness programme for community.

  • Rural rehabilitation camps for the physically handicapped.

  • Health related courses, seminars, workshops, conferences


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